Maine Collection

Many Changes to our Maine Collection

One of the goals at the Pembroke Library has been to offer an expanded Maine Collection that is easy for patrons to locate.  To accomplish this, it meant moving the entire fiction section in the Main Room!  Following many months of planning, volunteers worked for several weeks recently to combine all of our Maine books into one location near the circulation desk.  It took many man-hours to clean, sort and re-shelve the many fiction and non-fiction Maine books we have into one cohesive collection. And with the timely receipt of recent grant funds, some of that funding is being used to purchase additional titles for our "new" Maine Collection.

Dusting and cleaning...

...entering changes to the card catalog and reports...

...and physically moving 1,000s of books

A small selection of our books (both fiction and non-fiction) either about Maine or written by Maine authors.  There are even books about Pembroke!  Make sure you visit our Maine Collection.

We have a nice collection of old yearbooks from the former Pembroke High School; this is just a sample of the years available.

This is a sampling of the many copies of Pembroke Town Reports that go back many years.